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Dew Drops -Stop and smell the roses—and lily of the valley, and

tulips, and pansies. In this class, parents and babies will play and

move together to songs about flowers, such as “Jasmine Flower,”

“How Does Your Garden Grow?,” and “White Coral Bells.” You’ll

also hear traditional Irish music, dance a jig and move to the “Irish



Home Materials: CD of 31 beautifully arranged songs from

class, a board book of colorful flowers—DewDrops, a set of Art

Banners for the nursery wall, and a baby rainboshaker instrument for

music-making at home.

* Only classes listed above have availability at this time.  If no time options are listed please email 

Ms. Susie at kmwithsusie@aol.com to see

if there is an opening.