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May 2024


Due to the unique nature of Village and Our Time classes, these sessions are limited to the engagement of the enrolled

child and participating adult. Class activities are especially designed for the one-on-one interaction between child and caregiver.  In attempts to provide an equal experience for everyone, please only bring the registered child to class  

                                                                                     Thank You for your consideration!

Family all around me.png

To your little ones, “family” means everyone who loves them! They are often surrounded by family members, friends, and other loving caregivers who look after them and shape their days. Family All Around Me celebrates these bonds and offers lots of opportunities for fun, connection, movement, and instrument play.

June 2024


Rain or Shine_edited_edited.jpg

Up the water spout, down the water spout, you know how it goes. In this unit, the children in your class will use their senses to explore the sights, sounds, and feelings of sunny days, rainy days . . . all kinds of days! And we'll throw a little math in there, too. Rain or Shine, get ready for some fun!

Class sizes are limited and fill quickly.  Your child's space is not

guaranteed until payment is complete.  Digital materials will be

ordered upon registration and are non-refundable ~ Thank You!

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