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Due to the unique nature of Village and Our Time classes, these sessions are limited to the engagement of the enrolled

child and participating adult. Class activities are especially designed for the one-on-one interaction between child and caregiver.  In attempts to provide an equal experience for everyone, please only bring the registered child to class  

                                                                                     Thank You for your consideration!

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I SEE YOU (for children under 18mos of age)

More than just a curious story, Mother Goose games like peek-a-boo help babies understand language.

In this special camp, uncover more ways to say "I love you" using American Sign Language, bubbles, and parent-baby dances. Plus, parents can meet with other newborns and families in the community and learn how music improves the child development process.  


Home Materials include: I See You! board book, digital class music, and baby duck bath mitt.

Class sizes are limited and fill quickly.  Your child's space is not

guaranteed until payment is complete.  Digital materials will be

ordered upon registration and are non-refundable ~ Thank You!

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