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Our Staff


                                 Susan Rodriguez











Susan Rodriguez received specialized training in choral music, modern dance and choreography from Western Carolina University. She has directed several accomplished children's church choirs in the area. Susan is also certified in Orff Schulwerk, a total approach to fostering creativity and conveying musical knowledge and skills. With a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education and a certification in primary education from the University of South Florida, "Ms. Susie" brings many years of teaching experience to the Phil's music classroom





                                 Andrea Deladurantey










Andrea DeLadurantey recieved specialized music training while earning her Bachelor of Arts degree from Florida State University. She has directed children and hand bell choirs while also teachng elementary music for almost 10 years. Under Andrea's direction her music student's have performed over 3 dozen successful musicals. Andrea also specializes in vocal and piano training. "Ms. Andrea's has such a passion for music and brings her years of teaching experience to the Philharmonic music classroom.

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